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Congratulation Bobby Cox!

Congratulations to Bobby Cox for becoming the 6th Black Belt in our academies 26 year history!! Bobby has been a student and kids class assistant for 20 plus years. Also, congratulations to Wes Williams and

News 7

Newbreed Charlotte

Congratulations Team Absolute!!! 9 Competitors (Gi and No-Gi Divisions) 10 Gold 5 Silver 1 Bronze

News 20

Congratulations Dalton!!!

Fuji BJJ Louisville Winter Championships 9 matches 9 wins by submission 4 divisions 4 gold medals

News 32

Congrats Michael!!!

Newbreed Spartanburg Gold in gi and Silver in no-gi 5 wins by submission

News 39

Gustavo Carpio Seminar

We would like to thank Gustavo Carpio for stopping by and giving us another great seminar.

News 46

Congratulations Youth Sharks

Congratulations Youth Sharks Newbreed Charlotte Hunter 5 wins Gold No-Gi, Silver Gi Emma 4 wins Silver No-Gi, Silver Gi Joshua 4 wins Gold No-Gi, Gold Gi Nathaniel 3 wins Gold No-Gi, Silver Gi Macall 3